Eudaimoneers: A Publisher Case Study

We're big fans of Rock Paper Shotgun. We'd love to have them join our network.

The way that ads are done on RPS currently is a perfect example of the kind of gaming web advertising practices the Eudaimoneers Network was founded to fix: slow sites, user annoyance and adblocking, user tracking and privacy issues, and general Ad Dazzle Overfizzle. We'd like to talk a little bit about how Eudaimoneering would Make Things Better.

A Case Study: Rock Paper Shotgun

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We Love RPS.

Since it started, Rock Paper Shotgun has been a fun and informative site to read about PC gaming, and we believe that no small part of the renaissance of gaming on the PC in recent years can be laid at their feet. It's a truly great resource with some great writers, and watching it grow into the 800lb gorilla it has become has been a pleasure. Has it really been 8 years already?

With great success comes great responsibility, of course, and although we're not privy to their internal accounting, we assume that their writers get paid well to post to the site, and that it's a business with expenses and overhead and taxes and all the other rest. Which means there needs to be income, and the two ways that they seem to have monetized are advertising and the Supporter Program.

Giving superfans a way to support a site they love is a great idea, but let's face it: it's display advertising that really brings home the bacon.

But here at Eudaimoneers -- again, much as we love Rock Paper Shotgun -- we're not entirely down with the way that ads have been implemented there, and we'd like to talk about why, and how we'd do it differently if RPS were a Eudaimoneers network site. This isn't about shaming or pointing fingers, though. Just a very clear and close-to-home example of one of the reasons we think our model is a way out of the escalating battle between more-is-better advertising and adblocking, exasperated web site users.

Live Long And Prosper

The Eudaimoneers are all about improving the state of gaming industry advertising for everybody. We want to help advertisers with great products reach the people who are interested in them. We want to help gaming website publishers make some reliable income from their hard work and dedication. We want to help gamers support and trust the sites they love, and get their heads around the idea that advertising doesn't need to be loud, obnoxious, or irrelevant or track their every move. The result is an increased return on investment and positive brand exposure for advertisers, sustainability for publishers, and a better experience for readers.

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